Chapter: Into the Void Page: Into the Void P18

12th Sep 2019, 6:17 PM
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Into the Void P18

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Author Notes

12th Sep 2019, 6:17 PM
Hello all, I am in the throes of a (I guess not severe, per se, but extremely annoying) carpal tunnel syndrome attack. I think. I've always had some issues with this (that's what you get when your life revolves around writing, drawing and playing guitar), but it usually goes away pretty quickly. This time, I've been in varying amounts of pain since Saturday and I'm not seeing an end in sight. Probably time for a doctor, but I don't have health insurance until November ... hooray for the corporate nightmare that is American society!

Long way to say ... this update, then next week, then possibly hiatus until I get a wrist brace/see a doc/it stops hurting on its own/etc. Ughhh.